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At Wall Light Guys, you will get versatile wall light fixtures so that you can make the most of your investment. There are different kinds of solutions to treat indoor as well as exterior walls. Elegance as well as functionality will be addressed in this context. Wall fixtures should be chosen in a very careful way and they should be deployed at most appropriate locations so that there will not be any issues. Call us at 888-392-5333 so that your needs will be met with the help of our experts.


Custom Installations

At Wall Light Guys, wall fixtures can be installed as eye level. You can consider various factors while choose these fixtures which include color, temperature and CRI. Most of the light sources which will be in between 2700K and 3000K will be very warm and they are very easy on your eyes. The LED fixture of your choice can be chosen so that there will be great appearance. There are different kinds of wall lighting solutions which include Miniature Fixtures, Swing Arms, Sconces, Picture Lights and Track Lighting.


Quick service

Call us now at 888-392-5333 to understand about high quality wall lighting solutions offered by our experts. We train our technicians on a continuous basis so that they will be able to identify latest designs and fixtures and the installation and repair services are done very quickly. In this process, there will not be any damage to your property. All these services are offered in an efficient way so that you can make the most of your investment.

Customers can reach us on 888-392-5333 for more information.

Best customer support and experience

The Wall Light Guys implements best-in-class wall light fixtures so that there will be highest level of satisfaction. There are different kinds of lighting solutions meant for different applications. You can go for wall lights through which laundry services and other kinds of services at workplace can be delivered in a very efficient manner. You will be allotted to a dedicated account manager so that services will be delivered immediately.

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Wall Light Guys will ensure that wall light fixtures will be implemented as per your needs at best price. You can shop for swing arms so that there will be great flexibility in using the lights. There are outdoor wall sconces which can be installed as per the functionality. In addition to the installation of new lights, we will also undertake maintenance and repair so that you can make the most of your investment. Call us at 888-392-5333 to know more about our services.

Consultation and estimation services as complimentary

We offer free consultation and estimations services so that our customers will be able to choose the most appropriate wall fixtures as per their needs.

Highest level of safety

The Wall Light Guys will ensure that you will get access to quality wall lights and fixtures so that they will deliver performance for a long period of time. It is safe to operate high quality lights without any issues.

Highest levels of integrity

wall lights will be installed by our experts diligently and our staff will deal with customers in a very gentle manner.

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